Real People. Real Healthcare.

At Frisbie Memorial, we provide our employees with exceptional customer service and we expect them to provide that same level of service to their co-workers and our patients. This reciprocal spirit is what makes our culture truly remarkable.

Meet Kelly
Kelly is a Licensed Nursing Assistant who was seeking an opportunity in a hospital setting when she joined us 3 years ago.

“I wanted to grow as an LNA and people I knew told me Frisbie was a great place to work. My experience here has been wonderful and I’ve learned so much. I get positive feedback from my managers and there are so many learning opportunities. This setting offers both personal and professional growth. People are eager to teach you.” When asked if she’d recommend Frisbie to others Kelly says “Absolutely, and I have many times.”
Meet Carrie
Carrie joined the Frisbie team nearly 12 years ago! Here’s what she has to say:

“One of the best things about Frisbie is that our investment in CT Technology allows us to provide small town patients with big city care. Our imaging techs are the best at what they do and help to create the amazing community that we have here. Both patients and coworkers are really like family and my schedule allows me plenty of time for life outside of work.”
Meet Lauren
Lauren came to Frisbie from a long-term care facility. She decided to apply for a position in our Med/Surg department because she wanted to work in a hospital setting to gain more clinical experience.

“I’ve learned a lot of new skills here. I enjoy working with my co-workers. The team work is great and everyone helps everyone else. The focus here is patient care and helping the community”.
Meet Becky
Becky currently works as an RN in our Emergency Department but she previously worked at a large healthcare facility in Georgia. She had multiple job offers to chose from but liked the atmosphere at Frisbie best.

“Where I worked in Georgia, no one knew anyone else’s name outside of their own units. Here at Frisbie, I work with an excellent team. It’s much smaller and everyone knows and helps everyone else. They’re not just co-workers, they’re like family.”
Meet Ann
Ann has been with Frisbie for 23 of her 30 year career as a Phlebotomist. When asked about her experience at Frisbie, Ann says this:

“I feel secure in the fact we’re giving the patient the best possible experience. We care about our processes and good quality lab care. We’re also very thorough in our training for new employees because we want them to succeed. I see a lot of compassion from nurses and others. We get a lot of support from management. Frisbie cares about its employees.”
Meet John
John enjoyed a lengthy career as an engineer for a large corporation before his position was eliminated. He’d always been interested in the medical field and ultimately decided to embark on a new career as a paramedic. John was familiar with Frisbie (he was born here!), but it wasn’t until he started his first clinical rotation during school that he knew he found the place he wanted to work.

“I love the hospital based EMS system. The breadth of knowledge gained is much greater than private companies could offer. The people [who work here] are kind and friendly, like extended family. I feel like I’m part of something bigger than myself”.
Meet Sharon
Sharon, along with several colleagues, just celebrated her 40th anniversary as an employee of Frisbie! She currently works in Cardiology/Stress Testing/Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab as a Registered Nurse and previously worked ICU.

One of the many things Sharon enjoys about Frisbie is how interdisciplinary teams work together for the best possible outcomes.

Sharon feels rewarded working at Frisbie Memorial Hospital. She believes that the environment is very patient centered and family oriented. Sharon says that management is always open to hearing new ideas and suggestions, and working with employees to implement them. It makes her feel that she is appreciated as a professional by her peers.