Frisbie Nurses

The Frisbie Memoral Hospital Nursing Philosophy

  • We believe that Nursing is a humanistic profession, which respects the integrity of the individual.
  • Nursing has the patient as its focus and strives to ensure a collaborative effort of all those associated with the patient and family to provide a therapeutic, safe and nurturing environment.
  • As patient advocates, nursing supports the patient’s right to participate in their care decisions and the development of their treatment goals and plan.
  • Nursing is a process of assessing patients and meeting their current healthcare related needs using a holistic approach.
  • We recognize the ability, accountability, and responsibility of each nurse to participate in the decision-making process consistent with a decentralized management strategy.
  • Nurses are accountable for the delivery of evidence-based, quality patient care.
  • It is the responsibility of each nurse to review current literature, attend educational programs, and participate in quality improvement activities in light of current trends and changes in health care practices.
  • All nurses joining Frisbie Memorial Hospital are provided with an individualized orientation program.
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